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I have a web application running on an apache web server on Ubuntu 10.04. The web application can be accessed via a web browser on the server's computer by typing http://localhost/webapp.

I want to make this application available in a networking environment. So I first set a unique IP address for the server and every computer connected to the server could only access the login page of the web application. I get a certain error whenever a user tries to access another page expect the login page. ERROR: The web page cannot be accessed with the address localhost

So I want every page of the web application to be accessible to every computer in the network.

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You just have to change the word localhost to the server's IP address (or DNS name if you have one setup), it's that simple. The term localhost is what a single server can, if needed, call just itself, a bit like the term 'me' in your inner monologue.

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I especially liked your "inner monologue" point. – nickgrim Mar 15 '11 at 22:00

First, you need to make sure the IP address you are using is correct.


Then, you need to make sure that the code inside webapp does not refer to the other web pages using localhost or

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