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Is there any free/open source hosting control panel available for windows 2003/2008 , I am not asking about limited freeware like dot net panel/plesk ,

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http://windowshostingc.sourceforge.net/ - open source one

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this looks interesting but the site could use a color change IMHO. –  Brian Boatright Jun 29 '09 at 1:38

DotNetPanel has ceased development and transitioned to an open source model under the product name / branding of WebSitePanel. I haven't tried it yet, but probably will soon. http://www.websitepanel.net/

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ZPanel is free hosting control panel that works with both windows and Linux.

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I've tested it and for free it's pretty darn good. The paid upgrades are reasonable especially compared to Plesk or Ensim.

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-1... you obviously missed the part of them stopping devlopment an making it OPEN SOURCE under the name websitepanel (websitepanel.net). –  TomTom Sep 12 '10 at 11:44

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