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I've got Exchange 2010 and would like to create an email address (lets say and send it to a real email address (lets say How do I go about doing this so that all the email sent to '' goes to '' ?


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Create a Mailcontact (the new email address)
Use Transport rules to redirect it to a existing or new mailbox of your choice
Mail contacts :

Transport Rules :

Hope that helps

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If you want internal to go to an external then a Mail Contact is all you need.

If you want internal to to internal then you only need to go to the mailbox and add the other address as a secondary SMTP address. The user will then receive mail to both addresses in their mailbox.

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Based on the description, this would be the best route. Really we're adding an email alias to an existing user. might receive email sent to – Jeff McJunkin Nov 30 '10 at 20:28

In Exchange 2007 you would create a Mail Contact in the Recpient Configuration.

A mail contact is described as

A mail-enabled Active Directory contact that contains information about people or organizations that exist outside an Exchange organization. Each mail contact has an external e-mail address. All messages sent to the mail contact are routed to this external e-mail address.

So I think this should be fitting your needs since you seem to look for a 1:1 relationship between and and don't want e-mails to be distributed to multiple users.

(maybe someone with experience in Exchange2010 should verify this)

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