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I would like to change my CF9 Linux (Apache) servers temp directory where ColdFusion uploads files to before going to a users path. How can this be done?

Someone recommended this but CF9 errored: Look in the jrun.xml file under the server-inf folder. default temp: {jrun.server.rootdir}/SERVER-INF/temp

Any help would be great!

Thank you.

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Ian's link is for CF8 (the jRun line is the clue)

In CF9 and CF10, edit: cfusion/runtime/conf/server.xml

Down near the end (probably the last complete xml tag) you'll find a commented out tag:

<Context path="/" ... ></Context>

You have to set the docBase (which on linux is probably /opt/coldfusion10/cfusion/wwwroot), then you can set the WorkDir to the temp folder you want.
Mine looks like so:

<Context path="/" docBase="/opt/coldfusion10/cfusion/wwwroot" WorkDir="/tmp/ColdFusion" ></Context> 

It's a good idea to set the WorkDir to another partition, because any file management code not cleaning up after itself could eventually fill your operating system disk.

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I think the jrun.xml is probably the only way. I found this post (probably the same one you did) but aside from that I don't know of any way.

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