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There is one individual here whose name cannot be found when a caller uses the "dial-by-name" function in the auto attendant of our Cisco Unified Communications phone system. As far as I can tell from comparing the configuration of other users' directory listings there's nothing different for this user.

I don't want to have to remove and re-add him. Has anyone experienced this problem?

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Does this user show up in the directory when you search for them on the Cisco phone by selecting the Directory button -> Corporate Directory option? If they do not I would first check that users voice mail account as the Auto Attendant and Dial-by-name features are, in a typical deployment, handled by the Voice mail/Unity box.

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Very strange.

Under "Line Settings for this Device", I added his four digit extension to the "Line Text Label", clicked "Update", and now it works.

Mind you not everyone has a value here, though some do. I figure the record for this user in the directory must've been corrupted or something, and putting in a new value and resubmitting fixed it.

Seems logical, I guess

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