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Setting up a new wiki server for MediaWiki, I see that I am getting email notification messages for emails (on my watchlist) when I edit the page. This should not happen - it should only happen when someone else edits the page.

Furthermore, I get an email each time they edit the page. This is also incorrect: it should only happen after their first edit and then I should not receive any emails until I view the changed page.

Does anyone know what is happening? I don't see anything about this in the manual.

Update: this directly contradicts the documentation. (Note: this link is documentation for an extension but the text is correct: this is core functionality.)

Update 2: the MediaWiki version is 1.15.4. And it seems only to be happening to administrators.

Solved: my mistake; I was using CategoryWatch. Blush.

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Are you making these edits anonymously (ie - you are not logged in)?

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good question but, no, all users are logged into automatically via LDAP so there are no anonymous edits. It seems to be only happening to administrators... – Wikis Nov 24 '10 at 13:17
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My mistake: I was using CategoryWatch. Blush.

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