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I need a recommendation for a email relay service to use on multiple domains with C#.

I don't want to worry about blacklisting and am looking for increase deliverability on confirmation emails etc.

Currently, trialling SocketLabs ( which works perfectly but limits you too 500 email/month. I don't mind paying but the starting level is 10,000 email @$39 which for me is overkill. I probably need to send 2000 max a month.

Does anyone have any recommendation or views on: or

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There's no such thing as increased deliverability. If the recipient server or mailbox is unavailable it doesn't matter how many servers try to send the email, they'll all fail. – joeqwerty Nov 24 '10 at 18:35
But as I said one of the main concerns I have is to not have to worry about whitelisting with isp's etc of my mail servers I'd rather let the professional handle that. – asn1981 Nov 24 '10 at 21:55
Down vote? ok. Well atleast theres a sensible accepted answer below – asn1981 Jun 3 '11 at 10:23
@joeqwerty you may wish to read: As I state in the question I'd rather leave experts to deal with conforming to email sending standards and simply wanted a service recommendation. – asn1981 Jun 3 '11 at 10:26
Product and service recommendations are specifically off topic for ServerFault (see point 4 in the NOT About section of the FAQ) – sysadmin1138 Jan 5 '12 at 3:25
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Some well-known alternatives are SendGrid, Postmark and AuthSMTP. I've no experience with any of them.

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I've used AuthSMTP in the past, can recommend. – HTTP500 May 27 '11 at 23:46

Why don't you just send mail out directly?

  • make sure you have reverse DNS setup
  • make sure it's not an open relay
  • setup SPF records
  • look into DKIM (I've never needed this to be honest)
  • make sure your content isn't "spammy"
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I dont own the server and cant control whether reverse dns etc is setup or not – asn1981 Jun 3 '11 at 10:22
Reverse DNS is something you'd request from your service provider (or whomever owns the block of IPs that your static IP resides with). – gravyface Jun 3 '11 at 12:55

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