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I've a tar (gz, bzip) file and want to see its content, but not recursively.

This is: The "first level" in the file.

I already know how to see content:

tar -ztf file.tar.gz

But it's recursive!!


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How about something like:

tar -ztf file.tar.gz | egrep '^[^/]+/?$'

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Wow! That's great. Thanks – santiago.basulto Nov 24 '10 at 21:49
Slow for large tarballs, but workable – Nicu Stiurca Aug 20 '14 at 21:27

tar --exclude='*/*' -tf yourarchive.tar should do it.

That's almost certainly a GNU tar-ism. But who doesn't use GNU tar, right? (Another fun fact: in recent versions of GNU tar, you don't need the 'z' or 'j' to list or uncompress .gz or .bz files -- it autodetects those and it just works.)

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This should show top-level directories as well as just files that include the dot character:

$ tar -tf app.tar.gz | grep -E '^\w+(\.\w+)*/*\w+(\.\w+)*/?$'

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