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4 Hyper-V instances of Win2003 Server with 2 VHD's each (All based on same Win2003 VHD that i copied 4 times, everything seems to run just fine)

Trying to use DFS replication to keep some folders in sync but it fails with an error saying that a duplicate GUID has been detected. I understand the error as the VHD's are copies of each other, but is there some tools that I can use to change the GUID on a VHD drive?

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where these domain joined prior to cloning if so then I'd sysprep then copy the resultant vhd file. – tony roth Nov 24 '10 at 22:43

Simple answer: Copying VHD files without running sysprep on them to reinitialize the Windows system to a new SID causes problems. You can copy the VHD files, but you need to sysprep / them.

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Simple answer, why not just create another VHD and do a software mirror on one of the machines? Once the synchronization is complete, dump the VHD that matches the one on the other machine.

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