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I have a web application running in Tomcat 6.x on a Debian Linux box.

I have recently started using Google App Engine for another java app and now have serious stats envy; is there a comparable tool out there for monitoring my tomcat app's performance? The three statistics I would love to see are:

  • Requests per second over the course of the week
  • Average response (latency) time per URL
  • Total memory usage over the course of the week
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I think you'll need a mix of tools.

The response times taken and hits counts would be analyzed from the access log file by a tool like AwStats which is a quite popular choice.

For the memory usage and other stuff like CPU etc, you could install either LambdaProbe or it's fork PSIProbe which will give you details such as this.

Both are open source products and usage is very similar to the Tomcat Manager.

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check out moskito:

regards Leon

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