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I am trying to create a LAN to LAN VPN using OpenVPN and two RHEL5 machines. I have everything working, except that it fails after I reboot the client side(until I restart iptables).

The relevant openvpn configuration:

dev tun
proto tcp-client
remote 443
secret static.key

The relevant iptables configuration:

-A POSTROUTING -o tun0 -s -d -j SNAT --to-source

I think it has something to do with iptables coming up before OpenVPN, and not being able to SNAT to an IP that it doesn't have yet. How can I get this to work after a reboot without having to restart iptables?

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Your system does it start iptables at boot ? If not, ask it, in /etc/rcS.d or something like that (it depends of your distribution). It is strange that it is not enable by your ditribution. Do you have multiple firewalls on this machine ?

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It does start iptables at boot. The problem is that when I point another machine to it via a static route like: [] --> [] --OpenVPN-- [] --> [] : After a reboot it fails to NAT. When I restart iptables it starts NATing again. I think it is because is the IP of the tun0 interface, which doesn't exist until OpenVPN starts. – btk_ Nov 26 '10 at 17:17
iptables starts even if the interface is not up. To check, reboot, restart iptables, and then restart OpenVPN. Nat should be OK. I think there is a problem in the loading of iptables modules. – Dom Nov 26 '10 at 17:29
I'm not sure that iptables will run if the interface is no there and you are using SNAT/DNAT. Tray to use MASQ - in this case for sure the rule will be loaded even interface is not present at that time. – ntk Nov 26 '10 at 17:48

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