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Ive seen an example in the docs of Intel AMT SDK but it takes so long to tell me that is there 1 intel vpro pc in my network and it doesnt tell me the name or ip address of that pc.

Is there a way to get the name and ip address of intel vpro computers in my network?

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Here is a resource that we published recently on the Intel vPro Expert Center - it details different ways to find the Intel vPro PCs on your network: How To Find Intel® vPro™ Technology Based PCs.

Michele Gartner Community Manager Intel vPro Expert Center

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Hi Michele, welcome to Server Fault. We love to see companies actively participate in the Q&A here. If you haven't already check out the FAQ. Signature lines are normally discouraged, but your also required to make it obvious if you're associated with any productions/solutions that you suggest. Thank you for your contribution and we hope you'll become a frequent visitor. – Chris S Dec 1 '10 at 19:37

You could just scan for TCP port 9971.

Or ports 16992/16993 for already provisioned intel vpro platforms.

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