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I've got a Moto Droid that I use with connectbot for remote admin on Linux webservers.

However, I'm wondering if there are any Android phones out there with better hard keyboards for use with ConnectBot.

I basically want/need easy access to the various unixy characters like ~ | ` etc.

I write scripts in somewhat sigil heavy languages (Ruby, Perl, Shell) so the ability to easily generate those characters without having to go to the software keyboard would be nice.

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Are you sure you want a phone for something this essential? I'd consider picking up 7 inch eeePC or 9 inch Dell Mini from eBay. – Alex Holst Nov 26 '10 at 22:39
Agreed that a nettop might be your best bet, especially considering that instead of paying for a broadband account, you can leverage your droid and use wifi tethering to provide it with a network connection. – PMGoldstein Nov 27 '10 at 6:26

I use Server Auditor as ssh client where most popular touch gestures are used, e.g. arrow keys - swipes, page up/down and home/end - two finger swipe, tab - double tap etc. Also it's very useful with Emacs or Screen because you are able to lock Ctrl or Alt buttons for several keys, e.g Ctr-x Ctr-s at Emacs. IMHO, for now it has the best UI as a ssh client.

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To get more characters on the keyboard, you tend to need a row of buttons for numbers, such as the HTC Dream (aka the T-Mobile G1) had.

Looking at this list of 2011 Android QWERTY sliders the only one with a row of buttons is the Samsung Epic 4G. It seems to have a ~ and a |, but no `.

Samsung Epic 4G

(Larger image)

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