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  1. I have two LANs: 10.x.x.x and 192.x.x.x. On each LAN I have a Linux machine (10.x.x.5 and 192.x.x.5) but they are not routers.

  2. I can open ssh from 192.x.x.5 to 10.x.x.5.

  3. There are multicast udp channels available for lan 10.x.x.x. Namely, I may listen them from 10.x.x.5.

The question is: May I share these multicast channels for machines from LAN 192.x.x.x? Any proxy, SSH tunneling, etc?

many thanks,

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In order to route multicast traffic, you need a userspace daemon like smcrouted (recommended) or mrouted.

Since you'll also be needing some kind of interface representing the destination network in the routing table, you could create tunnel interfaces for your SSH connection using the ssh -w 0:0. This will create an interface tun0 on both your SSH hosts.

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I was able share the multicast from one network subnet to another using the following tutorial.

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