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I want to run some Linux stuff on my XP development machine which clearly doesn't work too well in their Windows specific versions.

What would be an appropriate Linux distro to install on Virtualbox if I am concerned about harddrive and ram usage? I do not need any Gnome or graphical interface...


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I would suggest a Debian minimal install.Lenny is one of the most stable distributions out there, and you can always switch to testing if you want to try something more experimental. The basic install takes about 1.5GB of space and around 100MBs of RAM.

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You could try so called JEOS Distributions.

Here is a list:

My favorite was SuSE Studio. You could configure an small image with an minimal System running.

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It depends on what you want to run, but Fedora with the appliance kickstart will give you a very small install.

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Hi Ignacio. I'm no pro when it comes to these things obviously, but how do I run that? – Industrial Nov 29 '10 at 11:47

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