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It worked fine and then it just stopped working. version 1.9.4

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As a developer you surely appreciate detailed issue reports. We do, too. Mac OS X version, recent updates, hardware changes, did you restart between "worked fine" and "stopped working", what logs don't show errors etc.? – Daniel Beck Nov 27 '10 at 18:32
right, sorry... I managed to solve it, I'll provide an explanation below. – Kristoffer Nolgren Nov 27 '10 at 19:37

A blank screen usually implies a Database issue, whether it's in your theme, your plugins, or a corrupted install of WP. Try disabling your plugins by renaming that folder under /wp-content and see if that solves it. That could narrow it down to a plugin issue. Try switching to the default theme by deleting or moving all the other themes from /wp-content/themes. That could single out a theme issue. Try re-installing WordPress to see if you just happened to have a corrupted installation. What host are you with?

Answer courtesy of Micah Cooksey

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Turns out the problem was because I changed the name of the directory the files were saved into.

As a Mac user, I'm used to having the system take care of this for me. MAMP can't do this though. I changed the directory in Apache settings.

It works fine now.

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