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Are there any tools to explore what is currently cached inside a memcached pool? Not some much graphs, but the actual key/values currently stored.

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Try stats items - i.e.

echo "stats items" | nc 11211
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How does this answer the question?! This only gives out the server statistics, doesn't retrieve any keys. –  Jagtesh Chadha Jul 5 '12 at 6:07

The correct answer would be echo "stats cachedump SLABS_ID LIMIT" | nc HOSTNAME PORT

eg. echo "stats cachedump 15 4" | nc 11211

This would give the output on the lines of:

ITEM cache_path-comments%2Fpage%2F2 [2211 b; 1337195558 s]
ITEM cache_path-comments%2Fpage%2F5 [2205 b; 1337195558 s]
ITEM cache_path-comments%2Fpage%2F6 [2179 b; 1337195558 s]
ITEM cache_path-comments [2164 b; 1337195558 s]

Note: This is an undocumented command that is not supported by the memcached team and can be removed in any version. For the complete reference, check out Understanding Memcached stats cachedump command.

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In basic memcached I do not think there is any way of querying for keys stored in the server. The only think you can get is statistics related to storage and stored items.

Some vendors that have developed memcached compliant solutions, e.g. Gear6, have however added functionality to allow querying.

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telnet 0 11211
stats items
set key 1 23 8
get key
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