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I have this perplexing folder that I'm the "Owner" and I have all NTFS rights on it: it's invisible. I would like to make it visible without having to check the "Hide protected operating system files" in Windows Explorer.

Powershell does not even let me see the file, even with Run as Administrator.

Any command line tool I can use? Windows Explorer will not let met unhide it. Option is greyed out.

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Try "attrib" from a command window. – Carlos Garcia Nov 30 '10 at 12:54
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If you have the full path, you can try using attrib to remove the system/hidden attributes from the folder.

attrib -s -h

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Get-ChildItem -Force will show you the folder.

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To unhide the directory in PowerShell:

(get-item -force <name-of-directory>).Attributes = ''

With aliases:

(gi -fo <name-of-directory>).Attributes = ''

I used this article as a reference and simplified the syntax a bit.

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You may also try this simple windows script for unhiding files and directories. Instruction how to use it can be found in the link below.

Windows Script For Unhiding Hidden Files and Folders

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