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I have a large heap of files containing photographs, some documents of info about the same photo , a few .psd files, a few .tiff files, all related to the same photograph or information.

I want some solution to manage these files using a database system or some sort of software, that allows me to archive & retrieve these files whenever I need. I would also need to generate reports of the total database.

I also want a solution for the backup of the total database & the file system.

Can anyone help me out.

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You need a Content Management System (CMS) or Document Management System (DMS). Those will hold the assets and the metadata, the metadata will be searchable and of course, you can write reports against the database - depending on the tool, you may need your own query/reporting software or it may be built-in.

I can't recommend one, since you haven't said how big a "heap" is, and if this is for home use, small business, or big business - it's a question of budget. Alfresco can be free or for-pay. IBM FileNet, CM, or CM OnDemand are all quite a few $$$. SharePoint would probably work too. Of course, SharePoint is only for Windows, and you haven't said if you prefer or require a particular platform to run this on.

The backups for the CMS/DMS will depend on the the application, database, and OS. The IBM products I mentioned above can be integrated into Tivoli, for example. Backing up just the filesystem for the server(s) should be handled by however you're doing it now. Do you not have any other IT infrastructure?

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