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I have a packet inside a packet a.k.a tunneling. So essentially it's of the following form:
After reading the first header(done by a library) I will get the packet:
at the INPUT chain of the iptables. I want to re-inject the packet to the starting of the iptables i.e. in the PREROUTING chain. Ultimate aim is to forward the packet to a remote host (that's why I want the packet to be in the PREROUTING chain). I have read something about the libipq but I am not really sure that it is the best way to do it. Any wild suggestion would also help.

I have already posted this question in 'stackoverflow' but since there were no replies, so I thought it is better suited for 'serverfault'.

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I agree with MrShunz's answer. Use libnetfilter_queue. To use it, you will need a Linux kernel version 2.6.14 or later built with nfnetlink_queue support. There are two parts to set up:

  1. Your iptables/netfilter rules to send packets to user-land, and
  2. your user-land program, which will process the packets as desired and then return them to netfilter.

The iptables rule might look something like this:


This will send all packets coming in through a specific interface from a specific network to your user-land process that is listening on queue number 1.

Your program, which will likely have to be written in C or C++, will use the libnetfilter_queue API. Sorry, I'm not going to write any code here (there is example code in the API docs I linked to), but the basic idea is that your program will:

  • read each packet sent to the queue,
  • make your desired modifications to the packet,
  • and finally, specify a "verdict" to netfilter, saying whether to ACCEPT or DROP the packet. Presumably, you will be ACCEPTing most of the time.

I have not personally used this API, but my reading of the docs is that ACCEPTing a packet actually means to reinject it, as modified, back into netfilter, to continue traversing the iptables rulesets. I could be wrong on this point, so you may want to investigate further before committing to this course of development.

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IIRC, to reinject (to the start of the chain, though!), use NF_REPEAT as a verdict.

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thanks.. btw, where did you find it? It's not even mentioned in the man pages. – Amit S Dec 1 '10 at 12:40

Seems like libipq has been deprecated by libnetfilter_queue. The documentation states:

issuing verdicts and/or reinjecting altered packets to the kernel nfnetlink_queue subsystem

seems like what you're looking for...

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Even after using 'libnetfilter_queue'/'libipq'.. I am not able to figure out the mechanism as to how the packet could be transfered to PREROUTING chain. Could you please help me in this regard? – Amit S Nov 30 '10 at 14:36
@Amit Sorry, just found it with a little bit of googling. Never used. – Mr Shunz Nov 30 '10 at 15:47
no problem. :) – Amit S Dec 1 '10 at 0:05

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