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I am trying to trace the boot time of a Windows 7 Professional machine and found the following times:

Phase #, Phase Name, Start Time (s), End Time (s), Duration (s)
1, Pre Session Init, 0.000000000, 6.218684586, 6.218684586
2, Session Init, 6.218684586, 19.716180585, 13.497495999
3, Winlogon Init, 19.716180585, 164.393575644, 144.677395059
4, Explorer Init, 34.856013361, 39.280802294, 4.424788933
5, Post Boot, 39.280802294, 85.280802294, 46.000000000

The winlogon init seems to take a long time. What can be a reason?

alt text

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Is this a standalone machine, or on a domain? What else is installed on it? – user3914 Nov 30 '10 at 16:03
yeah, this is a standalone machine – iceman Dec 2 '10 at 7:13
Are you noticing any event log entries for winlogon? – Nate Mar 14 '12 at 13:12

Have a look at Mark Russinovich's blog, specifically The Case of the Slow Logons . The guy is a demi-God, and this particular article is very good.

BTW, what tool are you using to capture/present your data - looks very good?

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Windows Performance Tools, specifically, xbootmgr and xperf it looks like. – jscott Nov 30 '10 at 18:57

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