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We have different account types:

  • Personal - For employees
  • Sponsored - For users that are affiliated with the organization but not official employees
  • E-mail only - Only for e-mail usage (campaigns, etc)
  • Shared - For offices or departments

Right now, we use an Oracle database to distinguish account types but are looking to move this information into LDAP.

Anyone aware of a schema and attribute that would be applicable to denote these accounts?

Schemas currently loaded: Default OpenLDAP schemas along with the eduPerson and eduOrg schemas.

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The employeeType of the inetOrgPerson objectclass would appear to be the appropriate field.

You may be able to determine E-mail only by lack of certain fields.

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I ended up going with userClass, part of the cosine schema: – Belmin Fernandez Dec 2 '10 at 1:51

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