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Hey guys. I'm attempting to install a static route for a Mac Pro desktop. I'm using Route Split 1.4, which creates a startup script called /etc/ (The SH script does actually wait for the interface to come online before applying its changes). However, after i reboot, I lose the static route I entered. Here's what I get in the /var/log/system.log:

-Mac-Pro syslog[70]: Starting RouteSplit
-Mac-Pro /System/Library/CoreServices/[51]: Login Window Application Started
-Mac-Pro syslog[75]: static route xxx.xx.x.x/xx xxx.xx.x.x
-Mac-Pro net.routes.static[66]: route: writing to routing socket: Network is unreachable
-Mac-Pro net.routes.static[66]: add net xxx.xx.x.x: gateway xxx.xx.x.x: Network is unreachable

...Any ideas/suggestions..?

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nevermind..found a great alternative for this issue. The app is called "staticrouted"

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Do you have a link to this app? Cant find it using google... – Stiefel Sep 2 '11 at 14:35
For the person asking for the "static route" utility, here is the link: – Marco Ermini Aug 18 '15 at 5:49

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