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I'm trying to use the mail() function in PHP on a Debain Linux server.

I have 2 web servers running. One is in a chrooted setup.

The server that's not chrooted works fine, the other one wont send email.

Any idea how I can setup emailing in the chrooted setup?

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PHP uses the external sendmail program to send E-mail messages (1, 2). To avoid installing it in its entirety in the chroot jail, lightweight programs exist that can provide the necessary functionality within the jail. How-tos for setting this up exist.

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Thanks, I found this link after searching some of this information.… – Petah Dec 2 '10 at 1:59

There is a small utility called "mail" or "email" or something like that, which can be installed as a simple replacement for sendmail, postfix, qmail, ... Just install to the chrooted environment and redirect the mails to the mailserver outside the jail.

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