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I've seen some similar questions but I am still a bit unsure on what I need to do. I had Mediawiki installed on Leopard. I then Upgraded to snow leopard which broke MySQL.

Everything seems to indicate that I need to backup the db then import it. However since the 5.0 version of MySQL is DOA I don't have the facilities to do this. I installed mysql-5.1.53 (64-bit) hoping it would bring my data over but no luck.

I think Mediawiki stores data in an InnoDB format by default so I don't think I can just copy over the data directory over (at least that's what I understand from what I have seen).

Ultimately I want to get this data off of the Mac and onto an Ubuntu server I built. How do I want to go about this?

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Can you do a fresh install of MySQL 5.0 on that machine? If you have all the innodb data files intact, it might work. There's no straightforward way to do this.

You've probably learned the importance of backups from this, which is good.

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This is what I ended up doing. I managed to get a fresh install on the machine and I was able to export the data. I really would have expected the db files themselves to be just fine as backups. I also would not have expected snow leopard to mess with my database without also upgrading my data or at least warning me. I'd vote you up if I had the rep. – Jason Tholstrup Dec 16 '10 at 19:47

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