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I have a firewall linux box with 4 interfaces:

eth0 (to the internet) eth1 (Employee subnet) eth2 (Guest subnet) eth3 (Management subnet)

And I am trying to setup the openvpn server and client in such a way that he connects the client to the right subnet while checking the CN in the certificate.

In such a way:

Employee -> subnet (Employee subnet) Guest -> subnet subnet) Admin -> subnet (Management subnet)

How can I do that?

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Take a look at the following settings in the man page:

   --client-config-dir dir


From there, you can create CCD files specific to the CNs of the certificates, and push different subnets, routes (or any other config settings you like) to the client based on it. The second option specifies that no connection is allowed unless a CCD exists for that CN.

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