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Is possible that Squid not send cache content from users with a specific cookie? I have an application with users, all works fine, but I have problems with users logged in, and I believe that would be cool to set some property in Squid to avoid this request from users with a specific cookie.


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Can you try to explain in a bit more detail - do you want users with a cookie to retrieve a fresh copy of the file even if its in the squid cache (in which case have a look at the 'Varies: Cookie' header)? Or something else? –  symcbean Dec 2 '10 at 13:26
Yes, I want that users logged in get a fresh copy from Apache and not a copy from Squid. I think that the unique chance is look some property about Cookies. Our system works: 1 Apache server and 1 Squid server, when user make a request system looks if there is a copy in Squid, if not goes to apache. The problem is with logged in users, they make a request and Squid return a cache copy, and I need a fresh data from Apache. I look about Varies header, I hope this is a best explanation of my problem, thanks! –  Sergio Sola Dec 2 '10 at 13:58
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