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I'm a Plone newbie. Just installed Plone 4 and the Iterate plugin as it suggested on my first login. Logged in as admin, I created a folder, then created two pages within it. Well, I meant one of the pages to be a folder instead of a page, so I tried to delete the page, and it says, These items are locked for editing: /Plone/my-new-folder/my-accidental-page. It was marked as Private so I tried publishing it, and still could not delete it. I'm the only one logged in and have only one tab open. How is it locked for editing? How do I unlock it?

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Click on the locked item, and you'll see a message telling you that "This item has been locked by for editing for X hours Y minutes..." In that message, there will be a button for 'unlock'. Click that button and you're good to go.

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Log out and log back in as someone else. Don't ask me why this worked.

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