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Is there any way for me to refer to an external configuration in Mercurial? Our repository is on a shared drive so at the moment the last user to use it is the username it keeps since by default hgrc is under the .hg folder local to the repository.

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You could place one in the root of your home directory.

According to the man page, the following locations are checked for per-user configuration files.

   (Unix) $HOME/.hgrc
   (Windows) %USERPROFILE%\.hgrc
   (Windows) %USERPROFILE%\Mercurial.ini
   (Windows) %HOME%\.hgrc
   (Windows) %HOME%\Mercurial.ini

In your per user .hgrc you can have a section like this:

username =Your Name<>

When you commit and push, the push destinations in .hg/hgrc will be used and your username from the per user file will be used for the commit.

Also, you should consider sharing your repository in a way other then a shared drive. hg lets you pull and push from each computer with a repository and if you need the notion of a 'central repo' you could put it behind hgweb.cgi and push via https or ssh

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I agree completely with Daniel — each user should configure the username in his personal config file. The .hg/hgrc file should not contain a username.

However, let me answer your question about include files: you can include one configuration file in another with:

%include some/file

See the hgrc(5) man page.

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