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I have a 4200 series switch with an empty sfp port, and existing unused fiber run (62.5nm multimode) to another building that I hope to bring up, with a 1000base-SX connection on the other end. Unfortunately I'm having trouble finding a 3Com branded sfp for it via my usual sources, and I'm wondering if the switch will support a generic sfp.

Based on a prior question I know that the hardware should be capable, but it will come down to whether or not 3com chose to lock down their switches to only work with 3Com SFPs. I can't find any documentation on this - does anyone know whether the 3Com switch is likely to work with an off-brand sfp?

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Have you tried seeing if a HP vendor has one, since 3Com is now HP? – Ben Pilbrow Dec 2 '10 at 23:14

We have a few working - never had an issue in the past. We have used some ACP ones in the past MFG Part # 3CSFP91AOK

A quick search shows them readily available for under $60

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