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For our 10g Oracle database I had a script that would periodically create batch files to run DBVerify on all our datafiles. This way if I needed to check for corruption I would just have to run the batch files. After upgrading to Oracle 11g my batch files do not worked. I traced the problem down to dbv itself. Here is the command generated by the script:


When I run this it gives a DBV-00100: Specified FILE (C:\Windows\system32/F:\ORACLE\ORADATA\CD\CAMPUSCHURCH1.DBF) not accessible. Note: The folder I am in is C:\Windows\system32. I can get it to work by switching to F:\ and removing F:\ from my dbv call, but I don't like that because then I'd have to change my script to switch to the proper drive before each dbv call.

Can anyone verify my findings and/or provide a solution?

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it seems like a bug, regression from 10g... did a quick lookup in metalink and didn't find anything... How about opening an SR with a test case of 10g vs 11g? if it is a known issue, you might get a patch. If it isn't, they will hopefully fix it (eventually).

In a bit related note, you can consider using RMAN to check for physical and logical corruptions in your database. I believe it is better and more comprehensive check. For example,run rman VALIDATE CHECK LOGICAL DATABASE Check the docs here. If rman find block corruption, it populates v$database_block_corruption and you can then just use rman to recover the specific corrupted blocks. You can parallelize the RMAN VALIDATE by opening multiple channels...

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+1 for RMAN suggestion. RMAN is your friend! – DCookie Jun 6 '09 at 17:51
Thanks for the tip. I've looked at the docs and ran a few tests and that does indeed appear to do what I need and more. I was headed toward opening a case, but if VALIDATE replaces my use for dbv I don't think I'll even bother with a case. – Leigh Riffel Jun 9 '09 at 19:07

I got the same on 11gR1on Windows 2008 x64!!

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+1 Thanks for adding the info. I have not opened a case, but you are welcome to. – Leigh Riffel Jan 4 '10 at 14:32

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