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could someone please tell me how can I install tidy on a remote linux server?? -if it's possible


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maybe superuser.com? –  KevinDTimm Dec 2 '10 at 20:02

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I want to install Tidy to a server which hosts my website, is it possible?

Here's a server script that uses libtidy to produce the following output:


   Tidying '/www/index.html'
   line  42 column  3 - Warning: missing </a> before <div>
   line  46 column  3 - Warning: discarding unexpected </a>
   line  82 column 66 - Warning: unescaped & or unknown entity "&sort_by"
   line   7 column  1 - Warning: <meta> proprietary attribute "charset"
   line   7 column  1 - Warning: <meta> lacks "content" attribute
   line   8 column  1 - Warning: <link> inserting "type" attribute
   line  30 column  6 - Warning: <img> lacks "alt" attribute
   line  47 column  3 - Warning: <img> lacks "alt" attribute
   line 163 column  1 - Warning: <img> lacks "alt" attribute
   line  65 column  3 - Warning: trimming empty <b>
   Info: Document content looks like HTML Proprietary
   10 warnings, 0 errors were found!

Installation of the libtidy library (Debian/Ubuntu):

sudo apt-get install -y libtidy-dev libtidy-0.99-0
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Since You don't mention the distribution, it is probably Ubuntu... Yes, of course it is possible:

ssh user@remote_linux_server
sudo apt-get install tidy
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actually I meant, I want to install it to a server which hosts my website, is it still possible? –  Onur Dec 2 '10 at 22:22
If it's a dedicated server- definitely yes; possibly no otherwise (you could contact your hosting provider in this case). Do you have remote shell to this web host? –  barti_ddu Dec 2 '10 at 22:27

If you don't have shell access to the remote server, consider authoring content locally on your own PC and running tidy there. Once content is prepared and tested, you can publish/upload it to the remote server.

If necessary, you can install Apache and PHP (or whatever your remote server uses) on a desktop PC (Windows or Linux) for "pre-flight" testing.

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