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I am seeing an intermittent issues where the user request is not getting thru to the backend server which is weblogic directed from apache webserver. I would llike to see the request value in apache before redirection to weblogic. How do I see the user request values in apache?

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If I understand your question correctly, you are looking to log the entire http request from a client as it is received by Apache. There are a number of approaches to this issue:

  • You can use a tool like tcpdump to take a packet trace, and then use strings to extract the text content of the packets. That would look something like this:

    • Grab the packets:

      # tcpdump -w packets -s 1500 port 80 and host <client ip address>
    • Display the results:

      # strings packets

    This isn't a perfect method (the output of strings will contain some garbage), but it's usually a good start.

  • According to Google, recent versions of Apache have mod_dumpio, which "allows for the logging of all input received by Apache and/or all output sent by Apache to be logged (dumped) to the error.log file."

  • I believe that mod_security can also log full requests.

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You can use:

  • a sniffer: ngrep 'GET|POST' port 80
  • a tracer: strace <apache_worker>, ltrace <apache_worker>
  • configure apache logs to log the content. Try to log only GETs.
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