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Trying to setup Eclispe. I am running ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick). Apache2.2.16 Subversion 1.6.12

The Eclipse help/about/installed software says: Eclipse Platform 3.5.2 Subclipse 1.0.0 Version Control with Subversion 1.1.1

The Subclips wiki I followed is here

I have installed the libsvn-java app as discussed.

I added the line "-Djava.library.path=/usr/lib/jni" to the eclipse.ini file

I checked the Eclipse help/about/confirguration settings and both of these lines are listed:


I checked that those files are in those directories. Still, when I check the preferences>team>svn an error dialog shows:

Failed to load JavaHL Library. These are the errors that were encountered: no libsvnjavahl.1 in java.library.path Incompatible JavaHL library loaded 1.3.x or later required

I followed the "Testing JavaHL libraries" troubleshooting section at the bottom of the wiki:

I downloaded the tarbal and ran it in a folder on my desktop with no problems. Then, I followed the instructions and placed that file INSIDE the path (usr/lib/jni/testJavaHL) and ran it from there. There are 50 tests performed and each one of them came back with this same error (posting only one for brevity):

50) testCommitRevprops(org.tigris.subversion.javahl.BasicTests) /usr/lib/jni/testJavaHL/local_tmp/greek_files/iota (No such file or directory)
 at Method)
 at org.tigris.subversion.javahl.WC.materialize(
 at org.tigris.subversion.javahl.SVNTests.buildGreekFiles(
 at org.tigris.subversion.javahl.SVNTests.setUp(
 at org.tigris.subversion.javahl.RunTests.main(

Tests run: 50,  Failures: 0,  Errors: 50

Any ideas as to how/why the "local_tmp/greek_files/iota" is appended to the directory? I assume that's my problem..

I'm also having a problem with new>repository location = the directory location of my svn repository is one level above the home directory - which is prepended to whatever I place in the dialog box - resulting in this error:

svn: '/home/ricalsin/file:/home/svn' does not exist

Thank you for any help.

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Is there a reason you're using the 1.0.0 version of Subclipse for eclipse? That's a very very old client for the 3.5.x version of eclipse.

Go to Subclipse and get the 1.4.x or 1.6.x install depending upon your Subversion server install. Get 1.4.x of Subclipse if your Subversion server is running 1.5.x. Get 1.6.x of Subclipse if your Subversion server is running 1.6.x.

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