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we have a freenas as a file server. how can i share a single folder with both windows and linux clients.?

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Share the folder as SMB. Your windows clients can mount this natively. You can then use cifs on your linux clients to mount the smb shares e.g.

mkdir /path_to/mount
mount -t cifs -o guest //server/share /path_to/mount

Have a look at the mount and mount.cifs man pages for the details

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i have read that accessing files this way causes causes file corruption.and will this cause access right issues? – stackedup Dec 4 '10 at 10:36

I would simply activate both NFS (for Linux) and Samba (for Windows) services. Then point both to the same directory. For me that has worked quite well, but I am not constantly accessing with a lot of clients, leave alone have concurrent write transactions. I am not sure if FreeNAS would handle those well with both services on the same folder.

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