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The diskspace on my server is pretty filled up right now.. I'd need about 3GB more space. Upgrading is of course an option, but maybe someone knows some other tricks? Delete some unimportant log-files or something?

Thanks in advance!

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This is impossible to answer since we don't know how much disk space you have to begin with, how many and which packages you have installed, how much user data you have etc.etc.

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did you check out /var/backups, /var/log and /tmp? Most of the stuff there can be safely removed. As far as I know the stuff in /var/cache/apt can also be safely be removed. You might also want to remove packages you do not need (documentation? compilers? redundant java versions in /usr/lib/jvm...) What about the home directories? Any stuff there that can be removed? (Old users?)

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The command apt-get clean will safely remove any cached package downloads. This may free up a lot of space. Review the installed packages and remove any you don't need. /tmp is often a mounted from tmpfs so won't use any disk space.

Using the command du -xs /* | sort -n may point out where your space has gone. Also use the root of any mounted filesystems such as /usr, /var, or /home in place of / to check those filesystems. You can walk the directory tree by adding using the desired directory before the /* in the command.

The df command will tell you what filesystems are mounted and how full they are.

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