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I am trying to do some special mail processing beyond what my mail client's rules/filters can handle (interact with a webservice API). Since I know Python, I am looking at using Lamson to process the e-mails. As I was going through the setup I realized that my virtual private server already had a mail server listening on port 25, postfix. This is a rather simple Ubuntu box and I believe postfix was installed as part of my other packages (Apache, MySQL, MySQL, Munin).

Rather than muck around with Postfix, I'd like to have mail addressed to * handled by my Lamson listener. Since Postfix controls port 25, what are my options? Is there a way I can configure Postfix to forward everything addressed to to my Lamson project listening on localhost:2525 (or other suitable port) for processing? If so, what configuration changes will be required to do so? Other suitable approaches?

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You could setup a transport to deliver mail to Lamson. There is a previous post which could help you.

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Wow, my search skills failed me. Thanks for the tip! – Chris Dec 7 '10 at 4:18

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