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I have to install Node.JS on a customer’s server which runs RedHat Enterprise Linux 5 (5.3, afaik). I’m an experienced Debian and Gentoo admin, but have not worked with RedHat systems for about 10 years.

As far as I can see, there’s no official Node.JS package; therefore I’d try building from source. That’s not a problem for me, however, I need to build it with OpenSSL support, which means I need OpenSSL development libraries installed (something like the libssl-dev package on Debian systems). Node.JS’s ./configure cannot find it, so I guess it’s not installed by default. For OpenSSL, I guess, a package should exist.


How do I install the OpenSSL dev package? Or do I have to build it from source, too? (I could, but I guess using a package is easier.) Please note that I don’t know what the preferred package manager on RHEL is (yum, I guess?) or how to use it. Telling me the exact commands would therefore be nice.

Or, is there a Node.JS package which I should install instead?

The server in question is managed by quite security-aware admins, so installing an RPM found in a forum or the like is not an option. (And no, they won’t install it for me, but yes, they are willing to give me root to do it.)

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You want openssl-devel. Use yum to install it.

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There is no Fedora or EPEL package for node.js at this point, but one is under review. See:

You could use this (and dependencies) as a basis for building RPMs for your system.

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#yum install openssl-devel install and try :)

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This is surely too late to help the original poster, but for anyone stumbling upon this topic: I've just stumbled upon a very good unofficial set of node RPMs:

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