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In my IIS log, I found warning level event ID 1013, which says the stop time exceeds expected stop time for worker process of a specific web application.

My question is, how could I know or track from what reason IIS worker process stops? Does this warning level event ID means worker process application pool is stopped or not?

thanks in advance, George

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You could use Microsoft Debug Diagnostics for IIS.

Debug Diagnostics (DebugDiag) 1.1 is a comprehensive tool designed to help IIS administrators or developers determine why a IIS worker process is crashing, hanging, or memory leak. It offers a simple User Interface to build rules for capturing these common problems with web applications and also offers a built-in analysis system.

There are three components:

  • debugging service: collects all kinds of debug information
  • debugger host: hosts the Windows Symbolic Debugger Engine (dbgeng.dll) to attach to processes and generate memory dumps.
  • user interface: analyze memory dumps, automate the creation of control scripts and show the status of running processes, including services

Here some links to tutorials: Microsoft Support, ASPAlliance.

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My application is for classic ASP (.Net 1.1), not ASP.Net. Looks like "Debug Diagnostics" tool only for ASP.Net? Please correct me if I am wrong. – George2 Jun 7 '09 at 14:25

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