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I installed PostgreSQL on my Windows 7 machine a few weeks ago. Now I would like to create a database with createdb mydb but I don't remember the password.

Is there anyway to reset the password? I have access to the Administrator account on my machine. Or do I have to uninstall PostgreSQL and then reinstall it again?

How can I reset the password on a PostgreSQL database on my machine?

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Edit pg_hba.conf to allow access without a password, use "trust". Restart postgresql and you can access PostgreSQL without the usage of a password. Alter your password to something you can remember :) , edit pg_hba.conf again and reload pg_hba.conf.

The Ubuntu-manual has a description about this issue as well.

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Where in the pg_hba.conf should I put trust? do you have an example? – Jonas Dec 9 '10 at 12:57

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