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I am interested in using haproxy for load-balancing with sticky session support, but using stick tables directly to benefit from upcoming master/master stick table replication in haproxy 1.5.

As a simple example, let's assume I have one load balancer LB1, and two backends A and B. LB1 can load balance between A and B (same IP, different ports in this test config), but it should stick all requests from one session to the same backend. Session are defined as a uri parameter, e.g. http://example.com/foo?JSESSIONID=session_id.

Something as follows works perfectly:

listen m1
    mode http
    balance roundrobin
    appsession JSESSIONID len 64 timeout 1h request-learn mode query-string
    server webA cookie A check
    server webB cookie B check

but I would like to get the same behavior using the lower level stick table(s) so that multiple load balancers can synchronize each other.

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This is actually not implemented yet in haproxy. I made a temporary fix to do this until a more flexible method is integrated into haprxoy on github

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