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I am doing a nightly backup of an Ubuntu (9.10) server instance I have running on Amazon's EC2. This morning I started a new instance from the most recent saved image. When I ssh into the instance created from the image the ACLs I created on the original instance are not in place.

The acl option is working on the mounted drive and I can run setfacl and getfacl fine on the folders but the permissions returned from getfacl are not the same between the instances.

The mostly likely reason for this I suppose is that wherever the acl permissions are stored doesn't get copied as part of ec2-bundle-vol but I don't know where the acls are stored and so I don't know how to copy and restore them on the newly created instance.

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ec2-bundle-vol does not appear to pass the -A option to rsync when it's building the bundle. You'll need to add this to the source so that ACLs are copied.

Try changing '-rlpgoD' to '-rlpgoDA' in a file named something like /usr/lib/ec2-ami-tools/lib/ec2/platform/linux/rsync.rb (though it could have been installed in a completely different directory, depending on your distro).

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Ha, I just saw your post on the AWS forums as well. Is using ACLs really that unusual? – Bryan J Swift Dec 11 '10 at 4:29
Also, it looks like this should absolutely work. I didn't really think to go digging in the source of the tools too look for an answer. Thank you. – Bryan J Swift Dec 11 '10 at 4:35

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