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Is there any script to get the Email Alerts when someone logs into the server so that I can increase server security by getting the Email alerts.

Any help would be appreciated

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How do you think this is going to increase security?

If I've RDP'ed into the server and nicked a load of credit card data stored on it, you receiving an email hasn't prevented me from logging in. The damage has already been done, and no amount of securing the server after the matter is going to please anybody.

If you really want to secure RDP access to the server, you can restrict who is allowed to Remote Desktop into machines on a per machine basis. You can add Security Groups, as well as individual users if you want to run like that.

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+1. Thanks, Ben. Sometimes I'm at a loss with some of the questions here. – joeqwerty Dec 9 '10 at 23:27

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