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Our production app is in a datacenter, on our gear.

We are looking to set up a DR site in Amazon EC2.

For starters, we will need SQL Server, and we will do encrypted log shipping to the instance.

Any tips for running a production SQL app on EC2 ?

We use SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition.

Specific questions and concerns:

  • Where do you put the DB, since the instance SQL Server is transient storage? -- Answer: Use EBS, per
  • My understanding is that the instances can reboot once or twice a year. How does one manage this for a production sql server setup? -- Answer: Use EBS for the db's, save your ami instance so it is all configured for the data location on EBS
  • Can someone attest to running a 100-400gb SQL Server db on aws?


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to run windows server into s2 is nothing special. you can get more info at to transfer the logs you can use different strategies as FTP, ssh etc.

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