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I will probably be moving from MDaemon to Exchange Online shortly - MDaemon's interface to Outlook is just too slow for remote users. Does anyone have any experiences with the migration that they would care to share?

I have 100 users on MDaemon, some with >4Gb mailboxes, most of them are using IMAP.

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I had to migrate one from MDaemon to Exchange 2007,because they had 20 users only, so we just exported each mailbox to a PST.

Setup AD / Exchange and imported PSTs. How many mailboxes do you have on MDaemon ?

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You can do the migration of MDaemon to Exchange by using MDaemon Migrator tool, so try this tool now, it will help you to convert all your MDaemon MSG e-mail messages to Exchange by converting them into PST format easily.

For more information view this

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