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Could you recommend cheaper but still reliable domain registrar for .com and Thanks

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There are tons of them, but Lifehacker published an article with the "5 Best Domain Name Registars" that can be useful.

The candidates: Namecheap, Name, 1&1, Go Daddy and Gandi.

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That seems oriented towards home use and cheapness, not really the key features for a serious-use domain. – mattdm Dec 10 '10 at 15:24 - a good registrar

Since the .com price was raised 2 times now, probably it's hard to find a < $10 price for .com. It seems they will increase .com every year (as it is the most used) from now on.

share|improve this answer is my current favorite to replace GoDaddy, with my second-choice (in both instances, I'm less than a month into moving a domain there from GoDaddy). Moniker limits the number of nameservers to 6 and does not seem to have a way to do IPv6 glue records for the nameservers (I asked and it's been a week with no actual answer, just a note that my question was being escalated); has 13 spots for nameservers (I haven't asked if they could do more) and can do IPv6 glue records.

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