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As with the question How do you move Exchange 2007 Public Folders to Exchange 2010? I am trying to migrate from Exchange 2007 SP3 to Exchange 2010.

All my mailboxes folders are on the new server and for the whole its working fine. I'm trying to remove the old Exchange 2007 install however I get an error telling me to move the public folder replicas. I've tried the MS suggested way of doing things and I get an error saying:

Set-PublicFolder : The parameter "Replicas" cannot be $null or an empty array.

The issues is I don't really have any public folders they aren't something that used. Its an outlook 2007+ environment so from what I've read I don't even need them. I've tried to manually remove the folders with the EMC tool and get:

Microsoft Exchange Error

Action 'Remove' could not be performed on object 'EFORMS REGISTRY'.

EFORMS REGISTRY Failed Error: Cannot delete the object '\NON_IPM_SUBTREE\EFORMS REGISTRY'. Please make sure that you specified the correct identity and that you have the correct permissions to delete it.

MapiExceptionPartialCompletion: Unable to delete folder. (hr=0x40680, ec=0)

Does anyone have any ideas please?



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I had this problem among others. Blogged my experience here:



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