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Ok, here's an odd one. We have a rather large classic asp application running on Server 2008r2 iis7. If I leave it alone the cpu usage will climb up to 99% and hang there. Pages still serve, but slowly. I've worked around this issue by changing the value of system.webServer/asp cache/scriptEngineCacheMax from 50 to 51 and back again, as a toggle. The change causes the CPU usage to fall back to our nominal levels, around 8-25% depending on traffic. Now, it's not the cache setting in particular, because I've modified other items in webServer/asp in a similar manner - make an insignificant change - and the CPU usage will still go down. I have this action scripted now to run every hour. I believe there's some link between the errors within the application and the CPU ramping up, but I haven't found any good articles that get down to the nitty gritty to explain the cost of these errors, how they effect garbage collection, how objects hang in asp...etc. If anyone has some good ideas or some links to toss me that would be great.

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