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i am trying to install confluence onto a linux account with private tomcat and i am running into issues getting the install working. I think its probably a very quick thing but i am not too familiar with tomcat so i am relying on the instructions here:

My domain is (not real but it will help explain the issues and questions)

For the record, tomcat is working as they give me a file called: jsptest.jsp to confirm that its up and running and that works when i go to:

Ok, to to being my installation, the current directory structure on my web provider to start is:


i installed confluence-3.4.3 into the public_html folder and i followed all of the steps on the install but nothing seems to be working. the instructions are a bit confusing so a few questions I want to clarify:

  1. As per step #4, I created a directory called confluenceData in the root and added this to the file:


  2. With step #5, here is where i have a few questions. the instructions are to add a file to this directory: conf/Catalina/localhost. i do see under tomcat this conf/Catalina/localhost

i am unclear if i should create the confluence.xml under:

a. conf/Catalina/localhost
b. conf/Catalina/

i actually tried both figuring one would work.I then rebooted tomcat. It now says (in 5.4, to Restart Tomcat, and Confluence should be accessible under /confluence/ on your Tomcat server.
Does this mean i should see a directory called confluence under my tomcat folder? Is that is the case, i do not

As per step #6, i updated the file: conf/server.xml.

I think tried to bring up the confluence site:

i tried:


and nothing seems to work.

if anyone has any suggestions of where to look or any ideas on what i could be doing wrong that would be great.

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Why don't you try moving the files in "tomcat" dir?

You should have details about installing war files from your hosting. Any wiki around this hosting?

Related to step 1: confluencedata should be a directory where you have write rights, somewhere in your home directory would be fine.

Related to step 2: you should ask your provider about the context you can use.

Restart is not always required in tomcat.


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@Paul - i am using for hosting and they don't give any support beyond making sure that tomcat is working. I dont understand what you mean "Why dont you try moving the files in "tomcat" directory? can you clarify what you mean. – leora Dec 11 '10 at 19:18
You said that two directories are available: \public_html and \tomcat. Deploy your confluence there. – Paul Dec 12 '10 at 6:51
At… is a bit more clear. Your instance is a private tomcat. So, you should have somewhere a webapps directory in tomcat directory. – Paul Dec 12 '10 at 6:56
@Paul - so you are saying that i should put the confluence-3.4.3 directory inside of the tomcat/web_apps directory ? – leora Dec 14 '10 at 4:18
@Paul - so you are saying that i should put the confluence-3.4.3 directory inside of the tomcat/web_apps directory ? In the instructions it specifically says "Tomcat users, take care not to unzip the Confluence installation into your Tomcat webapps folder, as this may cause Confluence to be deployed more than once. It may cause a Cluster Panic error." – leora Dec 14 '10 at 4:30

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