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I want to monitor Cisco's newflows.

Which one of these tools do you recommend?

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Both will do the job. NFSEN collects NetFlow flows using the nfdump tools, NTOP collects NetFlow and sFlow flows using nProbe, which means you can collect and process flows from Cisco, Juniper, Procurve, Extreme and a number of other devices. NFSENS is pretty much a dedicated NetFlow analyses tool and if all you're looking to do is look over flows then give it a go. NTOP is much more of a general network usage analyser with a NetFlow plugin. It'll give you all sort of network statistics and enable you to look at your flows, all from a single console. I'd recommend NTOP.

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Hello Ossan, thank you for your reply. For what reasons do you recommend NTOP? I plan only to monitor cisco's netflows. My main goal is to gather statistics on which traffic protocols are being used in the network. –  Andre Dec 12 '10 at 10:26
Hi Andre, I prefer NTOP because by default it produces report style views into the collected data. The reports are easy to interpret and I'm able to drill down to specific hosts to find out how much bandwidth they've utilised, how many connections they have open and which protocols they're using. You get everything NFSEN gives you and a little more. –  Athanasios Dec 12 '10 at 13:00

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